Minggu, 04 Maret 2012

Maslow's Pyramid for Emotional Eating.

I always wondered if there was something missing in my life that I filled with food. I pretty much know that it is true, except I have no idea exactly what it is I want or what actually is the missing link. I have quite a few ideas though and the bulk of my weight gain started at the exact same time this event took place.

It's kind of like when I feel hungry, so I eat. But a few bites in I set it aside and go looking for something else. I have a specific craving for something but am not sure what it is that will solve the "feeling", so I am in this perpetual state of "hunger".

I have come to the conclusion that this is actually the definition of emotional eating for me. Always searching for something. not sure what it is and never satisfied. It must be because it isn't food related at all.

Hummm... self actualization is a slow process.

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