Senin, 05 Maret 2012

A wealth of diet friendly sites

Wish I would have found these sooner. Although I wonder if these are actually any good and can easily pass and not get stuck in a "band". Of course I am going to give them a test pre-op so make sure hubby will eat them too.

They are called miracle noodles and contain zero net carbs and zero calories and a ton of fiber. Actually they are pretty much just fiber. So who knows if they are band friendly, but I want to try and lose some weight pre-op and do not want to do it with a fad, can't have type of diet. I already know those do not work for me.

As of Saturday I have lost those 6 pounds I had gained back, so I am hoping to surprise myself and get 10 off this month, with regular eating, just in a slightly modified version.

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