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Nursing Schools in Georgia

Before I start out with my evaluation on University of Georgia id just like to state that this school has received a lot of great critiques. I actually have a personal colleague of mine who studies here and she has a massive perception of satisfaction for this university. It was really hard to find anything at all negative with regards to this particular university. Most, if not all students in the nursing division truly take pleasure in studying with this institution.

Nursing Schools in GeorgiaGeorgia is the biggest sized state throughout the eastern side of the Mississippi. University of Georgia is actually situated at the heart of Athens. On average the institution could expect to sign up over 22,000 undergrad candidates and around 8,520 grad applicants. The student to instructor ratio at this institute is absolutely amazing for a large school; the smaller sized classes help to make studying in Georgia State extremely satisfying. An individual can assume to see well over 8 different other institutions all-around the University.

University of Georgia has become a very competitive school to enroll directly into as a lot more students outside of Georgia have been applying. On Average 12, 000 individuals apply directly to this institution and only 9,000 will be admitted. The students that were approved to this institution had a SAT standing of 1100 to 1300 and an ACT score averaging 25. Basically put, if you're not in the top 20% of your school it can be extremely challenging to get in.

Georgia State University provides the standard bachelor's of science in nursing as well as a very good fast paced course referred to as ACE, Achieving the Curriculum Expeditiously. The prerequisites for nursing for the standard 4 year BSN program require the candidate to have a minimum GPA of 3, you also must study one summer term to maintain up with the curriculum. Should also currently have attained high grades in English, Math, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Before getting into the fourth and last year the student will have to have a C or better in all prerequisite courses taken. The student also must declare a major just before entering the final year of study. The ACE course will need the candidate to have a valid bachelor's degree within another discipline or hold a major nursing degree. The bare minimum prerequisites for nursing needed for the ACE program 3.25.

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