Selasa, 17 Mei 2011

Do you ever wonder why...?

You put yourself through the drama of pre-reqs, the pain of nursing school, the lack of sleep and the total separation from family given the current job market outlook?

Do you wonder if you are doing all of this for nothing? That all those NO NEW GRAD positions will remain? Or if you only have an ADN that the BSN is the only ticket to ride? Will your RN sit for years unused aging you out of the running for those programs if they finally do reopen?

I have a job currently, the pay is very good and I know that this job will be waiting for me as an RN with more pay. But I can't help but wonder about everyone else, and in the scheme of things, me. This particular job is not the reason I continue to go to school.

I have a path I want to take, have decided that as long as I am moving forward and love my current job it doesn't matter exactly how long it takes to get my DREAM job as an RN. Of course I don't want to be nearing retirement either.

But I will keep plugging away, apply when needed, wait when appropriate and continue to move forward.

I just hope that moving forward doesn't take me two steps back. With that I mean as an LPN I was a cart pushing pill pusher with 30 residents. Now that's the exact RN available job market.

I just hope that the economy and the job market for nurses turns around. So even as I follow my path toward PeriOperative Nursing and evenutally the classroom. There is a paying job at the end of the road.

Blah... I am really tired... can you tell. LOL

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