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Meaningful Use & NortecEHR

In a nutshell, it means making "Meaningful Use" of electronic health records to meaningfully improve health outcomes. Over the years, much data has been gathered to identify dozens of ways Meaningful Use of EHR results in better health care while reducing costs. For example, electronic prescribing and patient medication history, two core Meaningful Use of EHR functions can reduce life threatening events such as adverse reactions to drugs. In another Meaningful Use of EHR example, housing patient data in one place – like an EHR – reduces costly redundancy in medical care, like duplicate test orders and unnecessary overlapping medication treatments.

Although the benefits of Meaningful Use of EHR are very clear, many providers aren't using electronic health records yet. Part of this is because of financial concerns, particularly by smaller practices that aren't sure if they can afford one or worry they'll need to hire someone to show them how to meet Meaningful Use of EHR. No matter the practice size, many providers are also under the impression that meeting Meaningful Use, regardless of the benefits, will negatively impact their daily work flow. But it’s just the impression; practically there are many benefits for providers if they consider any reliable EHR.

Those are the Meaningful Use of EHR basics. As you can see, the goal is pretty clear: to encourage providers to make true Meaningful Use of EHR. For more information and to find out how Nortec EHR can help you qualify for a Meaningful Use incentives check in 90 days or less,
contact Nortec EHR today.

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