Jumat, 20 Mei 2011

What's in an A?

As the end of the semester comes around and grades are posted for some. I thought I would reflect on the concept of "A"'s. In Nursing School the A is an elusive object, much sought after, and hard to achieve. So when you get one flaunt it wide, loud and proudly to the rafters. After all when a "F" is a 75% and below, there is a very small margin throughout the grade spectrum for passing. Ha! And you thought Nursing School was easy?

In prereqs "A"'s were 90% and above. An "F" was below 60%. You know, just like everyone else.

In Nursing School "A"'s are 93% and above in some schools. I know that was true for mine. So with a 92.75% I never did manage to reel in that elusive true Nursing School "A" in lecture. But I will continue trying ;-)

So What constitutes an A in your Nursing School? What is failing?

Go ahead and brag, it's OK.

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