Senin, 25 Februari 2013

Cherokee Scrubs Flexibles - A Review

When I was approached by Uniformed Scrubs to write a review for an item from their Cherokee Scrubs collections I was very excited! They are the makers of my new favorite scrubs, The Flexibles! You see I already had quite a collection of them.

They sent me the solid color Navy and if their shipping for orders is as fast as this I will be a very happy customer in the future.

So the good: I love the comfort of these scrubs, the flexible sides allow for stretch and although they are form fitting, they are not binding at all. I also love the fact that they are not boxey looking like most scrubs are. For someone who has recently lost weight, I want it to look like I lost way more weight than I already have, and these new Cherokee Flexibles do just that.

Now for the bad: I really only have one complaint about these scrubs and its the pockets! They have a kangaroo pocket in the front, completely useless for holding any kind of equipment that an actual nurse may need. Pens fall out, flushes fall out, and well you guessed it, pretty much everything falls out. Despite being my new staple wardrobe, I do need to make sure that I buy pants with plenty of pockets.

For me the style and comfort wins out over the function, mainly because currently my position in Home Health allows me to use a bag and not have to shove everything in my pockets. These new Cherokee Flexibles are also good for the new dress codes that many facilities are adopting since they come in solid colors as well.

So check out the selection of Cherokee Scrubs or any of the huge selection of scrubs from Uniformed Scrubs and say I sent you buy using this coupon code 15pbrm to get 15% your order!

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