Rabu, 27 Februari 2013

An update of sorts...

Confirmed my schedule today for late spring semester start for BSN. My books have been ordered and are shipping soon. Start date is officially still a little bit away, 4/8/13... but things are moving forward, and my finical aide for this is in progress as well.

I had an orientation for another new position today. I should hear hopefully soon about my starting hours shortly, although things may hit a snag, not sure yet. Finding a second position has seemed to be easy, it's just the actually starting and getting regular hours and a regular paycheck that seems to be the problem.

I did not get the Indian Health Position because it was more clinic work and less med/surg work and they thought that my goals of my BSN and OR program would make me over qualified for the type of experience that this position would offer me and I probably would not be happy there. (The bait and switch that I was referring to in previous post) soooo.... to be continued.

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