Sabtu, 16 Juni 2012

Working while in Nursing School

Is a totally new experience to me. I did not work during LPN school, of course that led to so much drama, that I had to rearrange my plans and forego RN school until... well now. So anyway working during this jam packed crazy summer semester has been not as hard as I thought it would be yet, but I am sooo damn tired when I am there that I am very limited to actual study time most nights because my eyes want to close if I focus too long on my notes.

I think what I will have to do is drag the exercise bike into the client's room with me and read my notes while on it so I can keep the fatigue away, I really want to kick ass in the OB content to raise my points as high as possible, going into the HESI and FINAL I want my numbers as high as possible, I expect there will be some crazy PEDS questions looming on that thing that could destroy some people's dreams.

But I digress, I mean it's not like I have a very demanding position currently, which is the only reason why I probably don't seem over stressed about this semester and working in general and overall have a lot more energy despite constantly having to flip from being awake days to being awake nights. But studying time at work is still limited to brain fatigue and the instinct right now to sleep at night again.

Although it could also have to do with the fact that I am in multiple modes currently, student mode, mom mode, working nurse mode, and weight loss mode.

I have been trying to make it a priority to do all of them at the same time. I think I am doing ok there. I mean I have managed to get in 36-40 hours a week since school started of work, I have managed a 91% in PEDS so far, which is only a B, but whatever. I have also managed to get in at least two days a week of hardcore exercise at the gym or a gym every week, I need to work at least two more days into that though, but I have managed to lose 32 pounds in 10 weeks as well, so I will take what I can get and keep trucking. I think I may have even finally managed to get to a point with my LapBand, after getting filled every two weeks since surgery that I may even be in the Green Zone, thus maybe another big drop of weight will be in my future if I play my cards right!

Anyway where was I going with this? Oh yeah working during nursing school... Not for the faint of heart.

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