Senin, 18 Juni 2012

I was worried why?

I have no idea why I was so freaked out about clinicals at the VA. I mean heck they have been awesome so far. The nurses I have worked with have been great, as have been my patients. Of course I spent most of today pretty much with my LTC LPN hat back on, despite being on a surgical floor. Of course I do still have a love for the "with it" elderly population, if only all of my patients were like that.

So two days down, 2 more to go.

In Careplan mode with a soup to nuts type of instructor, hopefully I can pull enough outta my butt to cover what she wants.

I also have some stupid PICOT question due tomorrow, which I am not exactly sure what exactly she is looking for, but whatever I don't think she knows either.

BTW, I totally kicked ASS on my teaching/teachback presentation... she started to butt in and ask a question, except I shut her down-because had she not butted in mid sentence, I was addressing the issue in my very next sentence, I mean come on, I may not be an RN yet but that does not mean I haven't spent the last year in health teaching mode, especially the importance of diabetic footcare.

Anyway, off to somehow throw in some math calculation studying for the OB exam on Wednesday and a review of my notes. Glad nothing new was presented there, also glad she tests in NCLEX style questions on her powerpoints :-) Hoping I do well.

Soooo tired... why oh why did I download "Shades of Gray" to my Nook this weekend?

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