Jumat, 01 Juni 2012

Week Two

Is over. I think I will try and post after every week. I still like to reread through my LPN Block posts. Who knows this might help someone else.

So what did I learn after the first two weeks? A LOT!! I thought I had covered the Pedi facet of the world of nursing the first time around, but this is all so much more in-depth. Mostly there are way more complicated math problems that is for sure. I know I have to focus on assessments and getting more thorough with them too.

So far the tests have not been that bad. Of course test #2 is coming next week and all of this Blocks tests are cummulative, meaning of course that all material from all of the blocks are up for grabs. Which is why I am glad I have, and continue to study by doing NCLEX questions as well as study the powerpoints and lecture notes.

I more week of Peds then it is on to OB for lecture and Clinicals start with Med/Surg... for some reason I am dreeding this. I am looking forward to OB clinicals though, maybe even Peds, but not Med/Surg... I think it is because of the location and the fact that although I have the utmost respect for service men and women, I really do not like the demographic of the typical case on a Med/Surg unit at that location.

Oh well whine whine whine.... bitch bitch bitch... still happy to be in an RN program and hoping to get some great experiences out of this either way. Maybe all of my fears will be for naught.

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