Selasa, 05 Juni 2012

This and that

Trying to get on here and post because as per my luck, my laptop has broken, so I am borrowing my daughter's. Of course that means I won't be able to get on here much until Dell returns mine, hopefully completely healed!

So let's see week 3 will look like this:

Yesterday (Mon)was OB pre-clinical. Which just means that we spent the morning going over OB assessments that we will need to know for clinical, then spent th afternoon in the lab practicing skills like, measurements on the newborn, estimating blood loss amounts, focused assessment of a postnatal mother, female catheritization, IV insertion (after 2 years I still remembered this- huh go figure), and watched some pretty graphic movies.

Today (Tue)no school! Woot! Of course doesn't mean I don't have a ton to do. Need to study and complete a 20 page packet on GU/GI disorders in pediatric patients. Plus do two more Pediatric case studies online.

Tomorrow(Wed) Is the second Pedi Exam. Like I said before this one is cumulative. So what we already learned plus the new content is up for grabs. Of course this does make sense as the final is cumulative, as is the HESI and NCLEX. It makes you closer to being totally prepared for those tests if you think about it.

The day after Tomorrow (Thursday) is more lecture. Case studies and packets due.

Next week starts clinical. We have Monday off to prepare and then Tuesday is clinical. It's weird but there are only 12 onsite clinical days this semester, with 2 alternate SIM days in the lab. Seems like I did way more clinical time in the first two Blocks.

Oh well off to study!

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