Minggu, 16 Oktober 2011

Weight Loss Surgery

So have I mentioned I started the process to get weight loss surgery? Well I have, In August I met with the doctors for a Lap-Band procedure. Its the least invasive and most reversible, with the least amount of complications. However, many have had success with it.

So I found out insurance covers it, but there are many hoops to jump through. I think I am on hoop number 10 of 1 million. But anyway, there is a cardio appt, psych appt, sleep study, blood work, lung function test, and monthly diet meetings and weigh ins for 6 months. I am on month 3 if they counted that first month. My surgery should be around the first week in February.

Now the lap-band is not a weight loss be all end all like the gastric bypass is. It works slow and only with a very restrictive diet phase. It requires frequent follow-up visits and exercise to make it work.

So all in all its a tool like any other but with a bigger edge for those of us who need an extra helping of willpower.

So with that said, my second/third weight loss appointment is on the 28th. For the week leading up to that appointment, I have to be on a liquid diet, because it will include a liver ultrasound to see if my liver shrinks down to make accessing my stomach during surgery easier.

So its protein shakes and only Medifast meals for a week. With luck I will also drop the 3 pounds that was my goal this month too. ;-)

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