Rabu, 24 November 2010

WTF thoughts

So with the new company coming in my day position may disappear if the person who left for MDS is not allowed to stay. Of coure I haven't even started the day shift yet, other than extra coverage and at this point if it were not for Christmas money and wanting the OT money to add to my working the holiday money, I would have told them to take the extra shift and shove it. Of course I don't want to burn my bridges but they really know that I am NOT happy with the lack of communication regarding when or if my hours are going to change. Why can't they just hire people for the damn hours we need and not this crazy shuffle shit they have going on?

Ok so enough with the vent.

So anyway I totally want to keep the puppies. Well the boy puppies that is. The girl is spoken for and well one bitch in the family is enough. But my hubby is totally against it. But then again if no one wants them then of course they are staying with me. LOL Yeah hummm 7 dogs isn't that bad. Its not hording or anything. But they are just so damn cute.

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