Sabtu, 27 November 2010

Sometimes you just need to brag...

When your skills for seeing S/s & assessment can actually come together and you can actually see the subtle changes that signify a change in status and the doctor agrees with you & takes your suggestions & ......

It turns out you are right!

1.)The resident who suddenly thinks you are holding them hostage.

Nurse Christine: How about a UA C&S?
Doctor: Yes sure.
Result: UTI

2.)The poo that won't end.

Christine: Want a sample for c-dff? Can we start them on Flaygl just in case?
Doctor: Sure.
Result: C-diff

3.)The eye drop therapy that isn't working on its third course with Gentamycin and seems to be in fact getting worse.

Christine: Can we get some Cipro drops instead?
Doctor: Sure
Result: Eye infection clearing, swelling gone, and resident c/o 0 pain finally.

Wow... sometimes I really feel like I actually learned something in nursing school. Then I remember that, No, I actually learned it on the job! It's times like these that I think that I am doing more than babysitting and when I do get that RN... I will be able to handle and learn sooo much more.

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