Sabtu, 30 Agustus 2014

World and US History Combined

Yup first class of BORING! I had this excitement thinking maybe I'd accelerate through and blow this out in the 6 months people kept talking about, then I saw the actual course work I have to do. I have 5 weeks to have it all completed, which includes 4 multi-part essays and a huge Powerpoint research project. Now I am thinking instead of getting all the essays out of the way in a week, which I thought I could do in my haste to get started while reading other people's experiences, I may have over thunk my actual availability. I now know it may take longer... but technically I can't see the whole course until Monday, so what appears to be a daunting never ending source of CRAP filler class with not many resources to draw upon, may be doable accelerated IF I had time.

Who knows, but I did realize one thing...

The reason I waited until my children were older before attempting nursing school last time, was that school and an infant, and a full-time job, but most especially an infant... well let's just say that I have NO free time to accelerate anything!

I need to get hubby on board with a bit of a change to this Nanny thing, because YES I LOVE LOVE LOVE our nightly routine and NO ONE is going to step in on that part, however, I really do need a day at home to work on school work and not be preoccupied with keeping Mr D happy.

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