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Selection of Best EHR Vendor

Take proper time for selecting the best EHR vendor that fulfill your needs, after the final decision of selection, you would not be able to search another one instantly.

Selection of Best EHR Vendor
Selection of Best EHR Vendor
There are about 200-400 companies claiming to make the perfect Electronic Health Record software in the market of health care solution. Now it depends on buyers to choose the perfect one, as it impacts directly on their practice. So, if you decided to select the better, go through the proper research in the health care market. Take proper time to select the best one because once you choose it, and not get satisfaction with that, it would not be possible for you to search for new one suddenly.
Now here the question arises that what would be the criteria to choose best EHR vendor?  Some of the main steps for choosing the perfect one include;

Step I: Assessment of Vendor

This is the process to select the perfect vendor who accomplishes your basic needs from the health care market. For the assessment process you must know;
·        Your system needs; you must be sure about your basic needs for selecting the perfect EHR. You have to know about the perfect features you will desire to achieve meaningful use and goals.
·        Make Criteria and try to follow it; Start your assessment with the Certified HIT Product List (CHPL). This will help you to get comprehensive and authoritative list of perfect EHR solutions.
·        Comparison of Vendors; This will help you to select the best vendor. For the better result you can also use the Meaningful Use Compare Tool to check if the vendor have meaningful use capabilities.
·        Ask for references; you have no idea if your selection is actually a best one. Ask for the references and visit their scheduling sites. References will give you the accurate information.
·        Work on Demonstrations; schedule the demonstration with final vendors for their Electronic Health Record products and manage personal interaction with their team.
·        Keep an eye on core functionalities, features of practice management and consistent clinical scenarios with the vendors you are assessing.

Step II: Background Research about Electronic Health Record Solution

Before taking the final decision about selecting the best EHR vendor, it is need to do background research about that solution. For this, making evaluation on following basis;
·        ONC-ATCB Certified; First of all let yourself make sure that your concerning EHR vendor is ONC-ATCB certified and also securing CMS incentive programs for providing meaningful use.
·        Fulfill the stages of meaningful use Be sure that your expecting vendor is fulfilling not only the certifications in stage I, but also working on both Stage II and Stage III of meaningful use.
·        Value in the Health care market it is important for you to know about the market value of your expecting EHR vendor. This helps you to know the credibility of your selection.

Step III: Make Clear about your Goal.

There is a need to acknowledge the limitations and inefficiencies you are following before using Electronic Health Record solution as well as your company’s needs which includes features, additional services, ease of use and support. This is necessary to know if your current practice will accomplish with the EHR solution. Need to know if you really want to have electronic record of patient, if decision support tools really matters to you.

Step IV: Take Final Decision for Selecting Best EHR Vendor

After the assessment, knowing their background, knowing about your goals, now you can take decision that what kind of EHR vendor is your demand. Now take a final decision to select best Electronic Health Record Vendor and enter in the phase of making contract with that EHR vendor.

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