Sabtu, 03 Agustus 2013

Major Meltdown... diverted

I almost had to drop the much anticipated Perio-Operative Nursing Program that I have been so looking forward to!! The foster care business sorta got in the way. I was in major meltdown city wondering how on earth I was going to get to classes two days a week when they don't even start school until 11? Crisis averted by my wonderful daughter who is in need of a job, and since I have been paying all of her bills, well she seriously owed me and I really really need the help.

I am so looking forward to this chapter in my career. I can see my goals of OR nurse in sight! I mean working in Peds Homecare is a nice cushy job, but seriously BORING! I am as lazy as the next gal, and hey an easy peasy job where I spend about 1 hour out of a 10 hour shift actually working, (unless the shit hits the fan), is nothing to complain about, but I miss the action.

I am afraid of my carpel tunnel however getting in the way, some days my hand cramps right up and I drop things all day long not such a good thing for the sterile field!! Anyway, I am still excited about it, also worried about it too!

We shall see how things go.. wow 16 days left until the start of class again... back to the old Gateway!

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