Sabtu, 08 Juni 2013

Guest Posts

It's not that I am not flattered with the fact that people are actually reading the drivel that I write on this thing. But mainly this is for me. I use this forum as a diary I guess. A journal or log of the ups and downs that go on in my life. I like being able to read back a few years and see how much has changed, or how much has not.

I blog because I need an outlet to express whatever I want. I don't expect a book deal from it, or tons of money, or heck even a soul to read it, though I would be happy with any of those items.

Since I have begun blogging I have met many people on here who I actually consider friends, though we may not have met IRL. So as people complete their blogs and move on with life's adventures I remain steadfast in my blog here. It may not be exciting to read, but it's mine.

My point... Thanks but no thanks.

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