Senin, 22 April 2013

Vacation Planning

I think it's time for a vacation. I am thinking a road trip to New Orleans would be fun. Since we would be driving there I am also thinking a stop over in San Antonio for a day would be fun too. Two things to cross off my bucket list. Since moving here all of our vacations have been back to Mass to visit family up there. No offense because I love them all and it's fun to visit Boston, but I have been there done that. It's time to get some of those "it'd be nice" trips outta the way.

So I have begun pricing the gas expenses and hotel for the areas. I am thinking the state income tax return, if it comes back to us in time, would be enough to enjoy a nice hubby and me week before we start getting our foster/adopt kids and move into the new house.

With working two jobs and going to school we haven't had anytime to celebrate my graduation. So we shall see. I am hoping we will be celebrating my son's graduation from HighSchool as well... but right now that is up in the air because of his Algebra grade. Do they really have to put things soo close, first Sami and now him?

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