Senin, 08 April 2013

The BSN Journey begins

As of today classes have started. Oh freaking joy. Anyways, the class I could not remember the name of, "Work and Family" lol

Ok so anyways off to review these stupid classes and see what I have gotten myself into.

Professional Nursing (4)
Advanced English Composition (4)
Work and Family (4)

And I am seriously thinking 3 is too many classes with two jobs. All this paper writing... really three 5 page APA papers and 6 discussion board posts a week?

PS Curlygirl asked: How did you study for the HESIA2

Answer: I didn't study for the HESIA2 actually. I wish I could have said there was some magic way to do it, but with all of my prereqs and coreqs completed, the content for the HESIA2 was covered.

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