Minggu, 31 Maret 2013

8 days and dreading

Seriously not looking forward to the start of classes. I really think the idea of a BSN is over rated! LOL OK not seriously but the thought of Advanced Comp and Professional Nursing and some other class for the life if me I can't remember the name of...the endless amount of APA papers in my future... D R A G.

I can't wait for the Fall semester though.

So anyway visiting nursing has been crazy busy! I have about 8 patients right now with admits and discharges pretty much at a steady pace. Might I just add that the concept of two jobs with two paychecks is a good idea in theory, but in actuality sucks when you are weighed down with paperwork and feel like you only have a slight clue as to how to do it most days... I must add though that the office staff is pretty great with helping and when I have questions.

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