Selasa, 05 Februari 2013

Houston we have a problem...

Well I am not exactly sure if we do or not, I guess I will stick it out and see how things go... but like, um.... I really DO NOT want to be a baby nurse.

No offense to all the babies out there reading this, but yeah I really don't like taking care of babies. They cry a lot, especially the sick ones, and it is up to us to soothe them, as well as treat them, and chart at the same time.

Soooo... lots to think about I guess.

Oh and yeah I still feel like a moron right now... slower on the uptake than I should be, I really don't like this feeling, maybe because babies are not my thing? Hell in OB I stayed FAR away from the "Baby Nurse"


PS: Updated...

The parties that be agreed that I could work both locations, what happened was... Mom said, "Then we will not have Nursing anymore because I really want to keep Christine and do not want to train another nurse so you will be losing over 500 billable hours a month." that totally changed their tune and they were, "Oh ok of course Christine is awesome!" LOL

PPS: So guess who also called today... my adult homecare job finally! So ride-a-long either tomorrow or the day after, then I will finally be able to make my decision and if I get hours then we are golden.

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