Senin, 17 Desember 2012


So today was my first day of orientation for my RN job. Officially I have still to pass the NCLEX... but the training has begun and he keeps looking at me and saying, "This is especially important for you as the RN."

It felt surreal because this just all made it real. I mean my current job is going to convert to RN after NCLEX, but it won't change ever so much at first. But yeah weird! Oh and the best news... training is paid at an hourly rate.

CNA $15
LPN $20
RN $30

Guess what he said my rate will be for training!! I was a little shocked because at first they wanted me to train as an LPN and then convert to RN, but they agreed that since I have graduated and will be taking NCLEX so soon, they will do all of my training as an RN. I will be able to take cases as the LPN under the DONs case management and then will take over his group and any new admits as soon as I pass NCLEX.

Now hurry up school and send the damn info to the BON so I can get my ATT!!!

Oh and post my final grade for preceptorship so I can get my damn money while you are at it!

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