Sabtu, 29 Desember 2012

NCLEX Prepping...

I feel like I have done this post before... oh yeah that is because I have ;-)

Anyway.. time to officially start the studying again. I have actually been doing the Kaplan Program for a while now, but have taken the past few weeks off from doing any questions. I did score pretty high on those.

I also have Saunders Q&A Review, Hurst Reviews, PrepU, and will most likely hit up the book store and do some La Charity questions or other review books through out this time. It's all about questions questions and questions.

I will also review some content areas I am a bit lacking in, and review those all important lab values.

So about 150 or so a day for the next 29 days and a few content videos. I think I may focus a lot on the SATA choices, since those are a weakness of mine.

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