Senin, 12 November 2012

First RN Interview

Today I had my first interview for an RN position. I am not exactly ready for interviews yet... I hate the questions...

Why should we pick you above all the other qualified candidates? "Because everyone I work with loves me?"

What are your strengths
? "Not killing my coworkers or patients?"

What will you be doing over your first 90 days as a new hire?
"Trying not to get fired?"

Hummm... But seriously, despite this not being for an acute care position, it actually is one of the options I have considered, while I work on my BSN. So yeah... $ year doesn't hurt either.

Mind you this is in addition to the $ that I will be making as I transition to RN in my current position.

So we shall see I guess... I almost talked myself out of it, when I was trying to get my hair to do something this morning, and then again while driving around lost... but overall the company seemed pretty put together and had a few other perks that appeared to be worth it.

We shall see I guess... there are many many more to look forward to in the coming year... I hope!

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