Sabtu, 08 September 2012

TERROS Ride-A-Long

For my psych alternative clinical I decided to do a TERROS Crisis Team Ride-a-Long. Well it sure as heck was a long ride. 8 hours spent from one side of the valley to another trying to talk people off the proverbial ledge.

I guess jaded comes to mind, because although the people I was with were very nice, they reacted to the clients a bit differently than I would have expected. But then again after all this time you probably become a bit underwhelmed at what has become the human condition.

I felt bad for 2 out of the 4 people that we saw. Of course I spent the entire time trying to figure out what they would have for a dx and let me just tell you that textbook is textbook, and I think one of the people probably read it.

So anyway, I have to write up a careplan on a disorder of my choice, write a 2 paragraph experience report from my ride-a-long (I will title this 3 Borderlines and a Schizo), and finish a process recording paper (which I have no idea how on earth to go about this one), and study for the final exam in psych, which are all on or due on Tuesday.

I wish I could wax poetically about how great of an experience I had, or how I feel more prepared as a future nurse, or how I feel a new connection with the human species. But honestly, I just kept trying to fix the medical issues they presented with, and when they named off their meds, I was trying to list the side effects :-) I have no interest in Mental Health or Psych Nursing!

After that it's Critical Care and the Respiratory Systems.

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