Senin, 17 September 2012


What an epic disappointment... not only did I not get ANY of the areas I wanted, I didn't get any of the locations I wanted.

Ultimately this is NOT going to be a networking opportunity that is for sure. Who knows what it will actually be at this point but the choices were an ICU or Med/Surg... no info about the floors or patients. Just that it will be one of the two because despite my grade and being able to make choices I got nothing!

I am pretty pissed off about this right now. Needless to say I have to go to a location I didn't want to go to and the "Preceptorship" is going to be more like freaking clinical except with a full patient load and a facility member being your "preceptor" that is totally not the way to learn how to be an actual nurse on a floor, also it'll be as a group too. This just fucking blows!

The good news?

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