Minggu, 02 September 2012

On the agenda

I printed out my 79 page cardiac study guide a friend has nicely done up and posted to her site. If you have't checked it out already please do so. It is also going to be bound for me by a friend I used work with... so that will be nice.

This week is the last of Psych clinical and hopefully I will get a chance to work with the intake nurse in the ED. That should be interesting. I mean I am enjoying my time in Psych, which I am surprised with, but also knew I would enjoy at this location, but sitting around talking to the guys is getting old. I am pretty good with talking and am not afraid to talk to patients, residents, clients, or family's. This is not my first experience with patient care after all.

Of course the best part of this nursing clinical has been how welcomed they have made us feel.When we walk onto the floor the nurses are all, "Welcome students, the future of nursing..." Usually the nurses are like, " Oh man... students." As they run and hide :-)

So this week is the last of psych clinical, Monday is the psych last exam before the final and Wednesday we are back at clinical, but this time in our ICU rotations. It feels like this is flying, but then again it feels like the hard part has not even begun and I am sure I am right!


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