Senin, 24 September 2012

Contemplating the Great White North

So I have a job, yay me... anyway, when I finish RN and finally get that new title, I still have a job, yay me! But the problem is that I did NOT go back to school to stay in Homecare or LTC, especially if they are not going to give me the promised HUGE raise the title comes with as they once had promised. Around here getting into a hospital or a specialty is pretty slim pickings without a BSN- which I won't have for another year.

So the choice... stay here, work where I work, possibly pick up some second job somewhere and finish up my BSN with hopes of getting into what I really want to do closer to home, OR pick up and move up to the frozen tundra for two years and get a job in a hospital, in a specialty and gain experience while I also work toward my BSN.

Since I have no idea where my kids will be living in the next few years, each has chosen a military path of some sort, there isn't much grounding me permanently to one specific state.

Hubby is up for the challenge, either a long distance marriage, with visits, or him moving up there with me, the relocation package is pretty sweet.

I guess I will know more in December and even more after I pass the NCLEX, but it has me seriously contemplating which direction my future could possibly turn.

I am up for an adventure!!

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