Kamis, 09 Agustus 2012

On the agenda

Block 3 FINAL and OB Practicum retake/remediation.

Turns out instead of passing 2/3, I failed 2/3 Practicums. I guess that will teach me to NOT let personal marital problems into my brain no matter what, until the end of Block 4.

But anyway needless to say I only missed .25 from passing the OB one, maybe it'll be an oral retake today, instead of a remediation and make-up at another time? She definitely seems like the type to do that.

Expecting to hear from the Peds math one later this afternoon, so after the final and OB meeting, it will be home to tackle the math packet with a vengeance so I can do those problems like a pro.

Ok off to get this party started... Starbucks here I come!

*** update***

OB retake done and passed. Peds instructor said after the final is graded she will tell us the retake date. We probably won't find out the grades until late tomorrow or Monday. Which will suck since Block 4 starts on the 20th.

However, I did some math to work out what I would need to pass. 219 is the cut off... currently I have 155 with 108 up for grabs on the final (proctored points) So that comes out to needing to get at least a 59% or 64 points. Ummm... I had f'ing do better than that!!!!

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