Selasa, 12 Juni 2012

And what is the way to make my day?

Assign me on my first clinical day to the OR/PACU!!

Ok so this day rocked! We all know that my goal is to become an OR nurse someday... which is the only reason I am getting my RN in the first place.

So yeah today was good. Next week is 2 Med/Surg days, they actually don't seem to bad, I transferred a few patients up to the ward today that I will be on, so yeah everyone seems really friendly and of course used to students. The last day of the clinical on the 25th is in Interventional Radiology/CT. Which is where I hope to lose my fear of IV starts that all started back with my IV class back in the LPN year. But as my instructor this semester has said, "This is what these rotations are for practice and confidence."

I need to work on a PICO Question presentation... not to be confused with the eating inedible things PICA, but the Evidenced Based Practice approach. As a BSN student, which is EBP heavy it'll be great to get a jump start on the modality of working through EBP methods... especially when I get to my research class.

I also have to do 1 careplan and 1 teaching plan for diabetic foot care for this rotation. I am sooo out of practice for careplans so I imagine

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