Senin, 21 Mei 2012


I think that pretty much described by day. Uneventful. It was filled with dosage calculations and lab stations for IV skills. Only 2 new skills for me though, IV push- since as an LPN I can not do that, and adding something to an IV bag, like vitamins. Which technically is not new for me... but shhhh you don't know that, and I won't tell. LOL

What I did realize, I miss my girls, but I think there are a few people that seemed very nice and I don't think it will be bad overall. If anything it was very familiar. At least I know where all the classrooms and things are!

The concept you don't use it you lose it, never made more sense than with the math calculations. Took me awhile to catch on again actually. I think there will be a few of those this semester. Like IV starts. Which I have not done in two years too.

Ok so off to go and finish up some clinical paperwork and refresh on my cranial nerves. I am pretty sure I still remember them, but it's been awhile since I had to do an assessment r/t to them.

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