Rabu, 09 Mei 2012

Pee Quiz

One test you should just not study for. So speaking of studying for it, I wonder what will show up in it? Of course nothing illegal, but I have had surgery and taken pain meds of the narcotic type in the past 2 months. I am pretty sure it has been about a month or so since the last time I needed pain meds. But I have no idea if they stay in your system and for how long afterward that they run this test.

I mean I do have a valid prescription, and technically have a reason to take the meds legally, so they can't fault me for that. But yeah it could be one of those, have to go in and prove myself issues. Although if they looked at my prescription bottles, saw the dates on them, and then looked at the quantity still in each, they would know I haven't taken them in awhile anyway.

Oh well... just weird, since I haven't been able to take narcs in 10 years and have never had to worry about it before now, just strikes me as weird.

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