Jumat, 27 April 2012

Nosocomial wound infection... or work related?

So it turns out my wound has one of the nasty bugs when it comes to wound infections. The kind that is tricky to treat and may or may not respond to oral antibiotics and may require IV antibiotics if it persists.

Not MRSA thank God but pseudomonas. One of the most common surgical wound infections actually. Humm.. now I know my client had this once upon a time in her wound. Which has long since healed, with the aide of IV therapy.

But yeah this sucks! I have to try Cipro and see if that works but I am still up in the air as to whether or not I should or can go back to work with an infection of this sort. I do have a neutropenic client. So right now I am waiting for 1. A call back from the doctor on whether I can go back yet, and 2 A call back from work to see if I can go back to work with this.

First I don't want to put anyone at risk and I don't want to keep getting nasty in this wound either. I actually think I probably got it from there. But ya never know.

So... let's see who calls back first!

*** update ***

No work for at least 2 weeks. 10 full days of antibiotics and then re-culture before being allowed back to work. There goes my two weeks vacation and I hope my short term disability kicks in after that!

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