Senin, 30 April 2012

Let there be light...

So there are two weeks left of this semester. Officially I have two finals and two essay's to complete to be finished with my Clinical Healthcare Ethics and Human Pathophysiology classes. I have a GI essay to write but I need to do some research for that one and my Uro one is almost complete I just need to look up some information on priority assessment for a patient admitted to the hospital with nephrotic syndrome.

The Ethics final I actually will take on the 5th. Because it's just a reflection paper for the class but she needs to post it. I currently have a 98% in that class, which is great! but because during this whole mess with being sick and surgery I forgot to post a follow-up discussion post on time so I got docked 2 points. Oh well. It's not like my school designates between an A or A+ or anything.

In RN news Advanced Placement Orientation is in 8 days!! I scrounge up some money to waste on a drug test again I am sure, since last time at orientation they gave us a slip to have it done within 24 hours of the orientation day. Orientation is from 8am-12pm.

I have been reviewing my IV skills and med math calculations. As soon as these last papers and the finals are done for my current classes, which should be over no later than the 15th, I want to do some pre-reading for my upcoming classes, like rereading my books on the OB and Peds sections. I think I have been doing plenty of med-surg with the patho class.

I need to brush up on my ABG's and lab levels. I totally wish that lab values interpretation class I had wanted to take hadn't been cancelled do to low enrollment.

So anyway I am sitting here while Merry Maids cleans my bedrooom and bathrooms currently and am totally freaked out about this. They still have the kitchen and our living room and family room to do... I really like the concept, but having people in my house and it actually is messy/dirty on purpose.... well that is totally unnatural.

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