Senin, 23 April 2012

Ethics Boards

So in Ethics class I had to write a discussion post about the ethical distribution of the limited resources of medical care that once the government puts their healthcare reform act into effect will be likely. Assuming that the insurance companies are already responsible for this action.

Of course this totally set me off on a rant. I hate to bring my political views into a class. I am of the school where politics and religion are just not things I discuss in general with people that I hardly know. Not in work or school environments especially. Unless I am taking a class that is specifically related to either topic. Which in the case of politics will never happen.

However, I think I went off on a rant about the scam that are insurance companies and the concept of national healthcare as a bad idea and the fact that the concept of limited resources and ethical distribution of healthcare was just so akin to a dystopian society I just don't want to be a part of.

I hate the idea of "death panels" and government control of who is more sick and is entitles to what care over someone else... can you say 1984, how about Hunger Games?

I mean come on this shit is just getting too real and I for one would like to live in Africa... its a really nice place called Denial!!!

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