Minggu, 11 Maret 2012

Torn Rotator Cuff...you have got to be kidding me.

So apparently according to s/s and doctor's opinion, MRI sched for next week, I have managed to tear my rotator cuff from playing "Just dance" on the Wii with the kid at work. I try and be a bit active and I get an injury? This blows.

It's my right arm and boy does it make things difficult. I thought maybe I had a strain, or just muscle soreness from using an out of shape muscle, but when I was getting worse every day since doing it, instead of better, and when reaching, carrying things, or sleeping became unbearable I really had to go and see what was up.

Yeah not really the news I wanted. Now to see exactly bad it is... surgery or injections and therapy? Hummm... stay tuned.

Oh and I wonder if the need comes if worker's comp will cover wii? Is that part of my job description? LOL

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