Senin, 26 Maret 2012

Midterm results Part 2

So I passed the Patho midterm... of course I did just as bad as I thought I would since I really have not been concentrating on this class r/t the other major issue in my life. Although on a brighter note. I DO know now how the final will be. So that is a very good thing. I really need to concentrate on (memorizing the pretest and unit test questions) 90% were the same it seems)

I have also decided that I do not think I will do anymore science classes online... ok I don't think I have any more, but the problem is this, when the class is online the publisher of the book seems to set the tests. Meaning, that EVERYTHING is fair game for the test. Usually when you take it in person you get an area to concentrate on instead of every minute detail of every page. Powerpoints are awesome for this as are lecture notes. When the entire course is related to reading the chapters only... well it just sucks! There are just some classes where you really need to interact in person.

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