Kamis, 22 Maret 2012

A lot on my plate...to enjoy!

I am thinking I have achieved a full spectrum of activities on my plate currently and I rather like the idea of having things to do.

First off of course is the wonderful family. Love my kids, the boy is 17 and in the final semesters of JR year. He has decided to head back to "regular" school for his senior year in the fall... and that is totally do to a new girl"friend" in the picture.

The girl is 18 and rocking her freshman year in college as well as her first job. Pretty impressive to get an assistant teaching position at a Montessori school as a first job.

Hubby and I are actually in a bit of a rough patch again currently. It's not close to the same as it was before, but there does always seem to be a distance when the intimacy is just not there. I am hoping the changes in my body with the WLS, will help me feel more secure about myself and more interested in being "sexy" again.

Work is going well and still 40 + hours a week. Nights are hard, sometimes it's harder to stay awake than others, especially when the dogs have been less than cooperative about letting me sleep during the day.

School is plugging along in pre/co-req world. General eds pretty much suck. I should hear something in the next few months about RN placement, but it seems that there alot of people applying this semester into a small number of spots. I may have to go with an alternate plan, but then again, there is nothing wrong with waiting either. After all I do already have a great job, and am still working on classes for my BSN anyway. I just hope it will be sooner rather than later.

Then there is weight loss surgery. The Lapband to be more precise. Sometimes I think this will be like having another job. Keeping track of phases of foods, working in exercise, maintaining control over protein intake and hunger controls, fills and doctor's visits. But I am very excited about the opportunity to get a hold on one of the major things in my life that is causing me the greatest amount of depression.

Along with the weight loss surgery comes the new exercise goals. Or rather the new active lifestyle. Gardening/yard work, kayaking, bicycling, swimming, hiking, walking the dogs, it will be so nice to be able to do those things without back pain or foot pain. I really want to achieve the mini-modified triathlon.

Of course there are also the new hobbies that I have also started to undertake in my leisure time. What leisure time you ask? Well in all reality I think I spend way too much time on the couch before work and on my days off. So thus the veggie garden and chicks. Now these two items are geared specifically toward trying something new, being active, and of course growing my own food. Staples of my new lifestyle, eggs and vegetables.

Hummm...and of course blogging.

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