Sabtu, 04 Februari 2012

Things I wish I would have known...

That the Pathophysiology class this semester is pretty much all cellular related for the first 8 modules. ie... my midterm is going to suck, and this class is not even slightly interesting. Which of course makes it VERY hard to actually get motivated to do it.

Ethics: Well discussion board classes are dumb.

Philosophy: I have to retake this class to get the grade off of my GPA, because it really is dragging me down. I should have a very high 3.5- 3.8, but because I dropped the class after the midterm, I have an F on my transcript. So it brings my GPA down wayyy lower than I want. So needless to say I have to take a grade replacement for this class, even though I don't need the class overall.

I really should have hired a better divorce lawyer when dealing with my ex. Or should have been a huge bitch and dragged his ass into court a few times over the last 15 years, hell maybe even once in the last 15 years to prove my point. But I was nice he on the other hand is still a fucking dick!

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