Kamis, 23 Februari 2012

Sleep Interviewing

This is a first for me, especially since in no way am I currently looking for a new job. Except it was RN level hospital position interview. So anyway...

I am at the hospital on the floor, talking to a staff nurse. She seems very excited for me to work there and assumes I am the personal she is actually precepting for the day. I explain to her that I am still in the interviewing phase, for some reason right now I have scrubs on. Anyway I point out that it is actually a friend of mine she is precepting and she wishes me luck and off they go.

So then this interviewer comes out and introduces herself, does not shake my hand just looks up and down, crinkles her nose. and I can feel this sudden deflation in my own personal opinion of how things just went downhill very fast.

So it's a 1:1 interview with her, she says, "Do you not care about your appearance?" I look down and I am wearing flip flops, hummm, weird. So then I explain that yes I do, but I am going to my current position right from here... the interview continues. She says, " I won't tell you a lie this interview probably isn't going to go anywhere, but we will continue anyway."

So she asks me some questions, I give my answers. (I think these are posts I have just made in my Ethics class), anyway we are finished we walk toward this other room. It's now a group interview.
She says to me, " I am very surprised by your answers. I think you have given the best answers all day. You'll get the job if your questions are just as good."

So now I am thinking, "What questions should ask about the job?" Then I woke up.

Odd... very odd... lol

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