Sabtu, 18 Februari 2012

One more Hurdle

Jumping one more insurance hurdle today on the way to the Lapband. Today is psych consult day. Had this 180 question "test" to take. I hate those tests. True or false you... sometimes those are neither true nor false about me. Why was there not a sometimes?

I wonder if I can or should address my crazy anxiety and social phobia issue that seems to be getting worse lately? Or just wait to discuss it with my PCP? Probably wait :-)

I still have to get cleared from the cardiologist, I have another weight loss appointment this month on the 27th, which makes 6 total. Of course I could actually be forced to complete 3 more because of missing that one in November, but they are going to try and submit to the insurance company in the meantime anyway.

So we could be looking at a surgery date in March or clear out till June. We shall see.

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