Minggu, 22 Januari 2012

Some Bullet Points

School- Tomorrow starts Clinical Healthcare Ethics and Human Pathophysiology starts next Monday. I am still enrolled in the Interpreting Arrhythmia course but there are only six people in the class so I have a feeling that it will be cancelled for lack of enrollment. I emailed the professor about it, of course I do not want to pay for the class, and buy the book, which mind you costs more than the class does, if the class is just going to get cancelled.

WLS- I have 1 more scheduled appointment to make 6. I could be having surgery either in March or in June. June if insurance requires me to continue with the visits, because I missed November, March- if the letter I write to them is sufficient. Somehow I really think it'll be June.

RN- still waiting on word from fingerprint card to submit my application.

Work- SNAFU with my paycheck vs vacation time, so I am working on getting that fixed. I should have been getting higher pay in lieu of benefit, thus no vacation time or tuition reimbursement, except I haven't. So either they have to pay me the past years worth of wages at the higher rate, or give me the vacation and sick hours to use, and I can submit reimbursement for my classes to them. So we shall see how that all turns out.

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