Minggu, 29 Januari 2012

Much ado about Monday

Tomorrow is the big day. Lots to do. Then it's all about the waiting game. I intend to send off an email to all of the nursing directors tomorrow as well, putting my name in the line-up for any available sport. I am hoping for a summer accelerated spot. It would put graduation in Aug instead of starting in Aug. Well as long as for some unforeseen reason I don't blow these exams that is. I have been doing NCLEX-RN questions and still scoring very high, I also reviewed my old HESI tests and went over the content that I missed on them.

Then I am making a bunch of doctor's appointments to get all my blood work done for my antibody titers. You know, all of that medical crap that you have to get done. I need all of my ducks in a row because this is going to be a last minute placement either way.

I also need to get a grip on this anxiety thing I have going.

Today we wanted to try a new grocery store, but when I went inside, it was claustrophobic feeling. I am not claustrophobic, I can have a closed MRI without issues, but when it comes to stores I like wide isles, bright lights and high ceilings. I also like some type of order. This store was chaos! So while hubby was returning RedBox, I turned right around and walked right out of the store. I just started to get this panicky fuzzy feeling. So it was back to our usual store. I knew it was weird but I just did not like that feeling of inner chaos that the vibe of this place gave me. Normal or an indication for Prozac?

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