Sabtu, 14 Januari 2012

Admissions people are dumb

I know I said it and I will stand by it!

First, my tuition payment for my Ethics class suddenly, and I do mean suddenly appeared on my current due status. I checked on the 9th, nothing, I checked on the 10th it was there, Ok so I will pay it on the 13th when I get paid. No big deal? Well GONE on the 11th and dropped from class. WOW that was fast! So I figure I will just add it back on the 13th. Nope can't do that online because the class is closed/filled.

Me: Can you put me back into the class I was just dropped from so I can pay the tuition?

Admission: No class is full.

Me: Yes I am aware, one of those spots is mine. Is there a way to get put back in?

Admissions: Yes you can go to the class the first day and have the Prof sign a waiver.

Me: It's an online course. Is there another way to get into the class?

Admissions: You can go to the class the first day and the Prof can sign a waiver.

Me: It's an online course thus no classroom!

Admissions: You can contact the instructor by email then.

Me: The class states that there is only STAFF listed as the instructor for that class. Do you have a name so I can contact them?

Admissions: There is not an instructor assigned to that class yet.

Me (Banging Head on Keyboard): Ok let me get back to you. (hang up)

So I went online and searched the classes for that course. My HCR240 instructor is the alternate teacher, so I emailed her and requested to be put in her class for HCR210. Once she said it was OK, I sent that email over to the admissions office. Clearly stated in the first line and the subject line of the email is the section and class code that I am looking to enroll in.

Admissions response: Our records show that you are already enrolled in HCR240!

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