Senin, 19 Desember 2011

If only I were a food critic...

So today I went to meet my daughter's boyfriend's Dad and Step-Mom for lunch. The kids have been dating for nearly 3 years and we had not met yet r/t them living in TX. So we all decided to meet up at this restaurant called The Old Spaghetti Factory. So it's myself, my husband, the two of them, the girl and her boyfriend, and his sister and her three kids. So a party of 10 not bad really. The Restaurant is totally not busy, which is a surprise since it is part of the food court at a very busy mall. So we order straight away, salads come about 20 minutes later. 1 hour after they clear the salads entrees finally come. Frustrating but whatever. So anyway they place the food and proceed to tell us that myself and my daughter's order will be out in like 6 minutes. The type of Lasagna that we order is fresh made every day and they didn't have any. They had to make more? Ok so after nearly two hours of having our order they didn't have time to make two veg lasagnas? WTF? I mean come on, I prep and made that in 1 hour. So anyway, everyone was waiting for us to get our meals, so as not to be rude before they started eating, but after 10 minutes, I really had to insist that they eat, their food was going to be absolutely cold. So about 10-15 minutes later, a total of about 15-20 minutes past the 6 we were promised, out comes 1 order of the lasagna. I mean WTH??? At this point I was like, " Look this is totally unacceptable. I want to speak to the manager." Everyone had completed eating and I had yet to get my food. First off its pretty embarrassing to for me and for others for them to hate to sit there and have to eat infront of me. Second, at this point the freaking waiter was coming around asking everyone else if they wanted their ice cream that came with the meal. Third, I had never met these people before. So either this is going to be a funny, remember when, story or it has totally soured everything. So randomly the other Manager, not the one the waiter was supposed to bring back, comes over doing their normal,"How is everything rounds... " So how are we treating you?" he says with a big smile. Like he knows everything is awesome and I bet he was not expecting what he got. Appalled he runs right back to the kitchen many apologies in his wake. Comes back about 5 minutes later with my plate, and then states he's going to comp the lasagnas. Umm... yeah well DUH! So he comes back a few minutes later with a spiel about, " Wanting to assure us that they have great food and great service and that they want our repeat business." At this point I have had two bites of the lasagna. Not only does it taste watery, like wet noodles were thrown onto the plate, but the inside is freezing cold! This bit of food had not even been baked! That's IT! I'm done! Game over! Christine has absolutely checked out at this point. So as he hands us 5 $25 gift certs for a return visit, I am have to say, " This is cold. This is crazy. Not only do I NOT want to come back, I do NOT want this "free" lasagna, or ANYTHING else from the kitchen at this point." End of story.... Party of 10 entire meal comp'd, plus the gift certs. ( Which BTW are getting regifted, because I will really not "try them again"), and sorry to say even the waiter was not getting tipped. I don't feel bad, because after an hour from the time you served the salads, you really should have refilled some drinks or offered some fucking bread or something!

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