Selasa, 13 Desember 2011

Block 3 Entry SNAFU

Well it does not look like I can apply for the spring semester to start in January d/t a new fingerprint card law. My card just so happened to be received previous to the date they started printing a difference on the cards. So now I have to resubmit my fingerprints and wait the 4-6 weeks to find out what they put on my card, and then I can apply! I can submit as soon as it comes in of course, and my application goes in the pile for the next available start. But that will totally be after everyone is already placed for the spring start. I think though there may be a March or a summer start since they have the accelerated programs. But who knows?

What this means is MORE pre/co req drudgery for next semester and limbo on the RN start date portion.

So it will be Human Pathophysiology and Clinical Healthcare Ethics for the spring semester. Which leaves me with Human Nutrition, College Math, Statistics and Health & Culture, to round out my BSN Gen.Ed. requirements.

I guess this delay in start will be good for my surgery in Feb/March if nothing else.

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