Senin, 07 November 2011

Operation 5 pounds

Ok so day 1 of operation 5 pounds by 11/18. The good part is that my next "weight loss" visit is not the day after Thanksgiving! LOL

So I have started a protein smoothie that tastes good and that I can tolerate without vomiting search. I have come to realize I must do this without the help of protein powders. For a picky eater like me taste is EVERYTHING, and I have just not found one that I can actually eat. So its Greek Yogurt and cottage cheese to the rescue, with the aide of Carbmaster and nectar. So far so good on that one. But I know I will need to change it up. I am thinking of a coffee flavored one, and of course an awesome potato leek soup from Campbell's that I found will work with some added cottage cheese for the extra protein! This should help get me through that pre-op diet week and the liquids after surgery weeks... or at least I hope so!

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