Rabu, 21 September 2011

House Hunting again

So we started house hunting again. Just for rentals right now. Since I like to move alot :-) Anyway its pretty much because the need for a shorter commute is just a big deal. Our current landlord wants us to sign another lease, but since ours expired in Aug, I really have only wanted to do a month to month so we could move in the cooler weather for a change.

However, because its a different market than I am used to I am not really sure where I want to start looking. Of course craigslist, but you still have to be careful. Also the areas we are looking in are 1 older and 2 can be sketchy. All I know is I prefer private rental vs management company. But closer to work and school is the key.

Last time this was easier I had a nice rental mls to look at!

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